Art, myths and legends

Art, myths and legends

On windless days, which the inhabitants of the Straits call ‘calmaria’ and the sea is drowsy ‘iancura’, looking over at Messina from the Reggio Calabria coast, suddenly the distances seem to shorten, the two towns appear to join up, the passer-bys, cars, and houses in Messina can be seen, and swimming across the Straits seems an easy undertaking.

It is the fault of the beautiful, whimsical Morgana, the fairy who, with her spell, enchanted the poor dreamers that hoped with a few strokes to reach the Sicilian coast from Calabria, with her spell.

Through centuries of history, myths and legends, she appears even more splendid and bewitching in the pages of the artist of the Arte & Caffè 2016 Calendar, virtuous and flexuous, and is pleased, skittishly, to visit the ‘places and precious monuments of Messina’ in our company, once more using her skilful magic to convince us to seek out tradition.

No one can refuse the charming invitation of the Fata who sips her coffee and bewitches her beholders with her eyes.

It is a lively, enthralling comic-strip, and its creator Lelio Bonaccorso is supreme at breathing life and vitality into the characters, placing Morgana as the main actress and transforming her, month after month, into different, but always seductive, women.

Greetings for the new year which the owners wish to pass on to the entire town, with a desired commitment for the return of a precious past, revived for us all.

Giovanna Fama’

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