A trip to Italy

A trip to Italy

Coffee and Art, a perfect match.

“We like this New Year. Coffee is going to taste nicer than ever. Barbera 2015, rich, warm, fragrant, aromatic, distinct, aromatic, full, delicate, strong. It all looks promising, like the splendid pages of next year’s calendar. Costanza Favero’s magically coloured drawings for each month of next year are cheerful, euphoric. They are swarming with tiny, busy, happy people and variously shaped objects, drawn in a classic style, but with a modern twist.

The sensation is that of a happy dream, a children’s tale, happy wishes. Barbera Coffee gives us a series of joyful images, drawn by an artist with a child’s happy heart, each month with a good wish of some kind, like a voucher to spend, some credit, a fulfilled promise. Art is undoubtedly a key factor to the promotion and success of a company.

Year after year, like in a relay race, artists have shown their passion for the task they have been entrusted with, each with their personal, unique interpretation of coffee, and I, too, feel honoured to be part of them.

Giovanna Famà

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