Coffee people

Coffee people

“Coffee and those who…” is the title for this year’s event.

Follow the dots and think of coffee and those who… grow it, select it, choose it, love it…
This year’s Calendar shows real life images, that only a camera can magically capture, not a series of paintings or drawings, as in past years. Some of these timeless images enraptured Antonio Barbera during his frequent trips to the lands of coffee.

Ancient faces marked by work, with lively, splendid, simple, true eyes

The photographs chosen are those that seem to best show the activities associated with the production of coffee, the delicate phase of harvesting of coffee, before the actual processing.
The atmosphere in each site can be felt, the footsteps, sounds and noises can be ‘heard’, and the fragrances can be ‘smelled’ in these photographs. It is somewhat strange to think that we, sophisticated inhabitants, living in a land lacking in emotions, belong to the same Earth.

The photos convey the atmosphere, the echoes of steps, noises, sounds and odours of the earth, surprising us when we think that this is the same ‘Earth’ we, sophisticated inhabitants live on, in a world lacking emotions.

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