Caffè Barbera standing out at Milano Caffè

Caffè Barbera, with three special events, will be a leading figure at the first edition of Milano Caffè.

Caffè Barbera standing out at Milano Caffè

From 1st-3rd October, the event, organized by the online daily Comunicaffè and sponsored by Milano Fiera, will fill the streets of Milan with many events dedicated to coffee.  Tastings, conferences, presentations and competitions will crowd public areas, bars, cafes, pastry shops, restaurants and shops selling coffee capsules.

The calendar of events is rich. Caffè Barbera will be there with three special appointments, organized together with our partners.  This is the occasion to come meet us and let us offer you the chance to taste the best of our products.

Our events will be taking place on 1st of October, in conjunction with the International Day of Coffee. You can find us here:

Caffè Barbera will be there to welcome you, from 09.00-11.00, at the Cannata Sicilian Bakery, Corso Indipendenza, via Ciro Menotti, 5.  In this new Sicilian bakery, breakfast will be served, but not the breakfast that people from Milan are used to – they will find “Caffè Barbera Sicilian Granita”. This is one of the traditional Sicilian granitas, above all, from Messina.  Caffè Barbera, deep-rooted in the land and its traditions, brings the quality and richness of its coffee to offer Milan an excellent Sicilian breakfast.

From 10.30 to 17.30, instead, there is a second appointment at California Bakery, Corso Garibaldi 89. Here, Americano coffee will be prepared and offered, with intriguing methods of extraction: Dripper V60, Chemex, Cold brew, Syphon Filter. On this occasion, you can taste the excellent Monoirgini (single origin) blends (Brazil, Honduras, India) produced by Caffè Barbera.

The third event of the day offered by Barbera will take place at La Biciola restaurant, Via Solferino 25.  The dinner proposes a coffee-based dessert menu, studied and created by Caffè Barbera, in collaboration with the restaurant’s chef – a fine, delicious selection, in this well-known restaurant, with over 40 years’ experience.

In all three events, Caffè Barera will present all participants with a package of Barbera Nespresso compatible capsules, with a discount voucher to buy any of the products on our website


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