Caffè Barbera at Cominks

Caffè Barbera at Cominks

Caffè Barbera will be at Cominks, the first comics, fantasy and gaming festival to be held in Messina, 1st-3rd March at Cittadella Universitaria, to celebrate Carnival, open from 10.30 am to evening.

The event is being organized by the Associazione Universitaria IndipendenteMente, the Centro Multiculturale Officina, the Gruppo Pandora Eventi and the Associazione Socio-Culturale Neapolis. Messina will be drawn into the realm of commercial and cultural games not only belonging to the world of comics and fantasy, but also to role games and board games, videogames, cinema and music. Visitors can remain in their chosen area for the entire day, dining in special themed areas, enjoying Barbera coffee.

Top stars, such as Cristina D’Avena and the Gem Boy, will be there in concert, along with the writer Joe Abercrombie, comics artists Lelio Bonaccorso, Marcello Crespino, Claudio Di Biagio and many others.

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