Caffè Barbera and art

2015 Calendar

Caffè Barbera and art

Coffee and art, the perfect mix. The aroma of coffee, the intense taste, the smell which wafts through the air: all qualities that conjure up images and sensations which artists can transform into works to be admired and, sometimes, to be leafed through. Something which Caffè Barbera understood some time ago, when they decided to tie their traditional calendar to the creativity of great artists, capable of leaving their own imprint on the page of each month of the year.

The choice falls every year on a different artist, so as to produce diverse creative interpretations, all centred on coffee. For 2015, Caffè Barbera has chosen the illustrator, Costanza Favero, who has filled the months with cheerfulness and colour, which we expected. As Giovanna Famà, who sees to the text of the Barbera 2015 calendar, wrote, Favero’s work is a “continual combination of multiform objects, tinged with the old but ready for the new, of imaginary spaces with far-fetched perspectives, populated and lived in by busy, happy people. A lovely dream, a tale with child-like colours, a wish for happiness”. Costanza Favero graduated from IED – European Institute for Design, Milan and, throughout her career, has worked for the best magazines. Her experience includes the use of traditional techniques, from acrylic to collage, scraperboard, frottage, and a wide range of mixed techniques.

This year she has become part of a group of top level artists, all extremely talented, who have lent their creative skills to help produce the Barbera calendar. The idea of putting coffee and art together encompasses diverse values to which Caffè Barbera is firmly anchored: the promotion of quality, not only of their products but of everything that surrounds the brand; tradition which continues without, however, excluding innovative ideas; attention to clients’ needs, which shows also in the use of calendars, which become singular works of art to hang on the wall. They are truly paintings which will guide us through the days and months of this year which has just begun. A gift for those who love coffee and art in all their forms, lines and colours. A way to begin 2015 with cheerfulness and joy, hoping it is full of taste and aromas, as in the best Caffè Barbera blends. A picture to hang in the house, the office or the bar, which will keep you company and which, at the end of the year, can be kept, as a unique work of art, maybe even to be re-used for its true artistic value.

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