Caffè Barbera sole sponsor of “I Care”

Caffè Barbera sole sponsor of “I Care”

Caffè Barbera is the sole sponsor of “I Care”, a training course in politics for young people, offered by Centro di Mondialità Senza Frontiere, and sponsored by the local department for Youth Policy.

Caffè Barbera has a long tradition of involvement in cultural initiatives, and has decided to support the “I Care” project as, in the current climate of great uncertainty, there is only one certainty – that provided by a solid education, not only in politics and business, but also in society itself, so as to reinforce a sense of civic duty, aimed at the common good.

The course began on January 17 2014, with 8 meetings scheduled. University students may also participate, obtaining ECTS credits.


4 – Saturday 22 March 2014
The right to vote: instrument for citizen participation in the political life of the country.
Liborio Fazzi, a Magistrate from the CSM Secretary Office

5 – Saturday 12 April 2014
Freedom and Wellbeing: definition, methods of measurement, reflections on democracy.
Pietro Navarra, Chancellor of the University of Messina

6 – Saturday 3 May 2014
Political Parties and Pressure Groups.
Francesca Acacia, Specialist in Economic Policy

7 – Saturday 24 My 2014
Round Table on “Women in Institutional Decision Making”.
A debate will follow on: “Women’s minimum representation levels: are they really necessary?”

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