New Spot Barbera1870

14th Dicember 2012

New Spot Barbera1870

Caffè Barbera’s new ad boasts an outstanding testimonial, Maria Costa, well-known poetess from Messina. She is witness to the tradition of her beloved Messina, which is praised in all her works. With charisma, she conveys the magic of the ancient ritual of making and tasting good coffee, better than anyone. The wafting, warm aroma, the taste of tradition, the sheer emotion of pure espresso are clearly perceived by viewers.

This new advertisement reaches out to the public who, today more than ever, feel the need to rediscover the value of tradition.

The ad is on line from December 8th on YouTube at The director, local film-maker Fabio Schifilliti, is author of award-winning advertisements, videos and shorts. The video can also be seen on smartphones, at and on the company page on Facebook.

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