100 Aromamio Espresso capsules
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100 Aromamio Espresso capsules


“Aromamio Espresso” capsule compatible with Lavazza a modo mio® coffee machines is a blend made from fragrant Robusta coffees and from soft, aromatic, Arabica coffees.

Determined rich tasting, with excellent body and an aroma with pleasent hazelnut and honey notes, it leaves a full, lively, long-lasting aftertaste.

The “Espresso” capsule contains a particular grind to obtain an intense, full bodied, soft, rounded espresso, with abundant consistent crema.

Authentic Italian espresso, packed in single serving capsules.

Packed in boxes of 100 Lavazza a modo mio® compatible capsules, suitable for all machines using uniform, hard coffee capsules.

*The brand name Lavazza a modo mio® is not the property of Barbera 1870 S.p.A, nor of any of companies associated with them.


Central America, Ethiopia, Tropical Africa

25%-35% Arabica – 75%-65% Robusta

Sensorial notes

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Degree of roasting


Aromatic intensity