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35 Capsule My Espresso


The “MyEspresso” capsule compatible with Nespresso® coffee machines is a blend made from fragrant Robusta coffees and from soft, aromatic Arabica coffees.

Determined, rich tasting with, excellent body and an aroma with pleasant hazelnut and honey notes, it leaves a full, lively, long-lasting aftertaste.

The “MyEspresso” capsule contains a particular grind to obtain an intense, full-bodied, soft, rounded espresso, with abundant, consistent crema. Authentic Italian espresso, packed in single serving capsules.


America Centrale, Etiopia, Africa Tropicale

25%-35 % Arabica – 75%-65 % Robusta

Sensorial notes

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Grado di tostatura

Corposità della bevanda

Intensità aromatica

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