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Pregiata Swiss 2Kg can


“Pregiata Swiss”, made exclusively for Swiss market , is  a blend of coffee-beans selected from amongst the most prized in the world. The remarkable, high quality characteristics of this blend satisfy the requisites required by the “CSC” Association (Certified Speciality Coffee) to safeguard the product.

“Pregiata” has been created to prepare a full-bodied espresso, with an elegant, intense, rich aroma, with pleasant notes.

This is an extremely clean coffee, with a soft, persistent aftertaste. The crema has a fine texture, with an intense hazelnut colour.

Packed in an elegant, easy-open can for a total guarantee of:
– Food safety thanks to the water-tight tin.
– Preservation of aroma and product characteristics.
– Recyclable and reusable packing


El Salvador, India, Ethiopia

100% Arabica

Sensorial notes

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Degree of roasting


Aromatic intensity

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