Allegria Siciliana

Allegria Siciliana

He who seeks shall find

The Author’s intense, strong, virtuous colours and design – clear, decisive, plastic – can be found in each picture, showing a dreamlike world, suspended between sky, earth and sea, telling timeless stories, free from the boring conformism of common, undistinguished posters

Character and strength, along with fairy-tales and dreams illustrate the Caffè Barbera Calendar which follows the days of 2019.

Everything is there– the places, the magic and the Sicilian lands, blended into a unique, breathtaking alchemy which together blend in an alchemy which leaves us breathless.

On each month’s page, really cleverly, Antonello Blandi’s talent expands and dares tell a virtuous story where coffee marries, one by one, the items that symbolize it (plants, beans, coffee-pots, cups), as well as with homes, everyday objects, the virtual spaces in the mind of each of us.  The added, reinterpreted images of monuments from Messina surprise us all the more.

The artist remixes past experiences and then recomposes them in new perspectives we can believe in and which make us believe, always looking toward a better world.

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