In every cup of coffee there is some hidden magic and for any magic worthy of this name there is a magical formula which must be carried out to perfection.

The Barbera family has been searching heart and soul for
the perfect formula since 1870.

You may think that coffee is just a simple drink, but it is something much more complex which involves thousands of sensorial notes and numerous chemical-physical characteristics. Knowing them entails a thorough study of every aspect, involving, therefore, multidisciplinary skills

The Barbera family has been actively engaged in the study and research of the characteristics and properties of coffee for 150 years, from the plant to the final cup of coffee.

Domenico Barbera gained insight into the secrets of coffee thanks to his constant experimenting on processing over the early years of the company, toward the end of the 19th century.

The title of “Coffee Wizard” has been handed down throughout the various generations, with a boost, from the 1960s, in the company Research and Development laboratory: scientists, researchers and family scholars have been carrying on studies on the physical and biological properties of coffee since then. Many results have even been published in leading trade journals.

Odourless gases, volatile substances of roasted coffee, or the body of its crema are just some of the features which the Barbera family keep on studying, still today.


Here’s where the magic formula is born:
in the plantations of the countries of origin..

The Barbera family regularly visit the plantations where they purchase the beans to study the various biological features of coffee: from the plant in itself, to its interactions with the environment.

Between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, the equatorial zones, the typologies of the land are infinite, as are the varieties of coffee that come from here.

‘Cru’ selection, that is, those coffees from selected plantations, from different countries, making up a specific blend, is a highly complex process: each batch of coffee must be analysed and tasted repeatedly, to assess the physical and chemical stability of the coffee itself.


Once the green coffee arrives in Messina,
the most delicate phase of the entire production process begins:

Coffee beans lose weight, increase in volume, release aromatic notes and change colour. Barbera’s magic is in a process which has been brought to perfection over decades, where even the smallest detail can make the difference: the slow roasting method.


This is when our art is expressed.

Experience, passion, attention to detail and devotion are all found in the old and new formulas that make the Barbera blends unique and incomparable.

Every generation of the family has, indeed, contributed to reviewing some formulas and creating new ones. Each Barbera blend has, therefore , its own creative process, and, consequently, a specific organoleptic profile..

Analyses carried out in the laboratory then check the various characteristics so as to ensure the quality.