Coffee cream with Nutella

Coffee cream with Nutella is a cold coffee cream, varicoloured with Nutella, for a delicious, delicacy suitable for all occasions. This dessert is similar to the famous, Italian Coppa del Nonno, a coffee ice-cream, and can be kept ready in the freezer.

  • Cold strong espresso 4/6 coffee cups
  • Fresh cream 300 ml
  • Baileys (optional) 1 spoonful
  • Ground hazelnuts To taste
  • Unsweetened cacao powder To taste
  • box-recipe

    1.Whip the cream

    Pour the well cooled coffee into a bowl, along with the fresh cream. Whip cream and coffee together to obtain a dense, smooth mixture. Gently fold in the Baileys (optional).

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    2.Add Nutella

    Transfer the mixture into glasses or ice-cream bowls, add Nutella on top and refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving.

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    3.Cacao and hazelnuts

    Sprinkle unsweetened cacao and ground hazelnuts just before serving.


Moka Forte

“Mokaforte” is a blend of coffees selected and chosen for their body and strength.
The coffee is full-bodied, with an intense, sweet fragrance.

The taste is strong, rich and clean, and the aftertaste intense, lingering on the palate.

Mokaforte is also available in 500g Bipack.